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If you’ve had any fake teeth put in your mouth to restore tooth loss, you’re far from alone. It’s fairly common to know someone with an implant, bridge, veneer, or other sort of cosmetic dentistry procedure in their mouth.

However, it’s important to remember that your job of caring for your teeth doesn’t end when you get fake teeth. They need to be cleaned just like real teeth.

Continue good oral health

When you get your new teeth, you can’t just slip back into old oral health habits. Chances are you had to step up your game in the first place to receive the new teeth.

Continuous work with an oral health regimen that focuses on cleaning teeth twice daily and removing plaque will ensure your new teeth stay healthy, but more importantly that your gums and jaw bone remain healthy enough to support the new teeth.

Focus on Flossing

One thing that few people do – only four in ten Americans regularly floss – is use floss to help remove plaque and other debris from between teeth and around the gum line. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up with gum infections that put the integrity of your new teeth at risk.

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