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Poor oral health doesn’t just affect your smile but impacts your overall health as well. Not keeping up with daily brushing and flossing and skipping routine dental cleanings is more damaging than you may think. Today, our dentists would like to share their concerns about why neglecting your oral health is a harmful trap to fall in.

Probably the most obvious pitfall of poor oral health is the resulting oral and facial pain you may experience. These are both potential side effects of gum disease. Gum disease is an infection of the gums that results when plaque and tartar are not regularly removed from the teeth and gumline. If this is not remedied then over time you may end having loose teeth or lost teeth. 

Another side effect of poor oral health is complications with major organs in the body, particularly the heart. When you suffer poor oral health from oral infections, the bacteria can spread through the bloodstream into other areas of the body. When this happens, your vital organs may become inflamed, causing serious complications.

You can also experience digestion issues from poor oral health. Since the digestive process starts with breaking down food by chewing it before sending it to the stomach, if you have chewing problems from damaged or missing teeth, you could end up with intestinal failure, irritable bowel syndrome, or other digestive disorders.

Clearly, a healthy smile impacts more than just your teeth and gums. Caring for your teeth by brushing and flossing every day, and seeing your dentist regularly helps your health on several levels. If you have any oral health concerns, please call our Complete Dental Care team today at 740-314-4941. Our dentists, Dr. Daniel Bartok, Dr. Richard Mahfood, Dr. David Plantz, and Dr. Ashley Heifer are here for your smiles in Steubenville, Ohio!