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You’ve probably heard that there are some steps you’ll need to take if you’re interested in keeping your teeth strong. You probably know that brushing, flossing, and setting up appointments with our team are all important. Luckily, if our team discovers an issue, there are several treatments you can consider to improve your oral health. For example, you probably know that crowns and fillings are common treatments, but do you know why, or when, each may be useful?

For instance, we might suggest a crown for severe tooth decay and a filling if your tooth decay isn’t too serious. Dental Fillings are recommended fairly often because they can preserve most of your natural tooth. Fillings can also be made and shaped to look like your natural teeth.

For individuals with serious decay, we could recommend a dental crown. Like fillings, this treatment is designed to look like your natural teeth. Crowns are often used after other treatments. For instance, Dr. Robert Doyle will place a crown after root canal therapy to prevent future decay.

To learn more about either of these two treatments, please feel free to give Complete Dental Care a call at 740-314-4941. Dr. Robert Doyle and our team will gladly address any of questions and offer you personalized advice. We look forward to receiving your call!