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Fall is in full swing, Halloween is almost here which means the holiday season is off and running! Is your smile ready? While you already know that a healthy smile depends on good daily oral care along with periodic professional dental cleanings, we can enhance your smile with whitening treatments to dissolve built-up stains and discoloration on your pearly whites.

At Complete Dental Care in Steubenville, Ohio, we offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening dental treatment for our patients seeking whiter, brighter teeth. We use a safe, effective whitening gel to lighten the stains and discoloration on your tooth enamel and you can notice a difference after just one treatment.

Why do your teeth lose their brightness? Aging is just one factor, but the foods you habitually eat (or drink) affect your teeth as well. For example, tea and coffee, or dark foods like tomato sauce and berries can stain healthy teeth over time. Smoking or chewing tobacco, and even certain medications like antihistamines, antipsychotics or high blood pressure medications can affect tooth color.

For healthy looking teeth, remember to brush at least twice each day for two minutes, floss at least once daily, and make sure to keep your regular professional cleanings. If your smile still needs a boost after these measures, please give us a call at 740-314-4941 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Doyle and our Complete Dental Care team in Steubenville, Ohio. We are happy to help you get your smile ready for the upcoming holiday season!