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Providing your oral health care the necessary treatments and procedures is essential to ensure that your smile can continue to thrive throughout your life. In situations where you need teeth extracted or have already lost a tooth, it will need to be replaced to keep your smile in working condition. If you fail to replace missing it can lead to gum destabilization, tooth slippage, and poor oral hygiene due to the fact that plaque buildup can collect in the voids left behind. Furthermore, it can cause impairments with your speech or eating skills, as well as issues with bite stability. To help combat problems associated with missing teeth, consider reliable tooth replacement treatment such as dentures.

Speak with our dentists about the use of dentures to complete your smile once more. Dentures are fashioned to be comfortable and can be detached and taken out when needed. Ideally, it is important to make sure that you rinse off your dentures in a denture-cleaning solution overnight. Also, be sure to never use abrasive cleaning materials on your dentures, including teeth whiteners, bleach or hot water. Furthermore, make sure to handle your dentures with care and never leave them sitting out anywhere where they can dry out or crack. Before placing your dentures back into your mouth each day, make sure you rinse off any excess residue from the denture-cleaning solutions they were soaked in.

If you require aid for your smile via dentures, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with Complete Dental Care by calling 740-314-4941. Our dentist and team in Steubenville, Ohio, look forward to completing your oral profile with dentures.