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Although daily cleaning is important for keeping your smile spectacular, so too is the prevention of dental damage. Dental damage can arise at any time, and can often be accidental. However, oral accidents and injuries are typically caused by placing yourself in the wrong situations or partaking in the wrong lifestyle habits. There are things you can do to help lower your risk of dental damage.

Although lip rings, tongue rings, and other forms of mouth jewelry may seem highly stylized and help bring out a sense of individuality, be aware that they can cause havoc to your oral health. Tongue rings can cause nerve damage if placed improperly. In addition, most forms of mouth jewelry are known to place you at an increased risk for chipped or cracked teeth and for oral infections such as hepatitis and endocarditis. In addition, the small parts involved are known choking hazards.

Sports can also damage your smile. It is important to always wear the proper safety gear. This includes facemasks, mouth guards, or helmets available to help protect your smile at all times. Even a single blow to your face is enough to destroy your natural smile forever, so protect it at all times.

Bad habits such as smoking and doing drugs are also known to cause dental damage. In many cases, they can produce immediate bad effects including bad breath and stained teeth. In addition, they can cause smelly clothing, tooth decay, tooth loss, and oral cancers. Quit smoking and using drugs as soon as possible.

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