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Your best smile often includes many parts that you may not always think of. One of the most important aspects of keeping your teeth safe includes being aware of tooth hazard risks that may be present in your life, which can include bad habits that you have or issues with products you consume or use.

Some of the biggest tooth hazard risks in your life come from using your teeth in ways that they are not designed. Although your teeth are designed for biting and chewing foods, they are not designed for biting and chewing into hard products that may be too difficult to bite into. Even chewing on ice or cough drops has been known to destroy smile, so it is important to avoid products that may be excessively hard. Even if you were able to bite through them in the past, your teeth might have weakened over time and are more susceptible to dental damage.

Tooth hazards often arise due to oral accidents or injuries. To better protect yourself, considering implementing oral appliances such as mouth guards. Furthermore, night guards and bite plates can help you while you sleep if you are suffering from a tooth hazard risk such as bruxism.

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