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Jaw pain is often a common ailment felt by many individuals within their facial area. However, if you suffer from chronic jaw pain, it may be a sign of an underlying condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible. To determine if you have chronic jaw pain, it is important to keep track of any symptoms you may display.

The environment can play a role in the prevalence of jaw and facial pain. If you have any sinus problems from an illness or suffer from an infection, jaw pain can result. In addition, if your teeth are damaged it can also lead to jaw pain. This includes toothaches and issues involved with tooth grinding, also known as bruxism. Other potential causes of jaw pain include arthritis, periodontal disease, a TMJ disorder, or accidents or injuries that have occurred to the jaw or face area.

If you suffer from jaw pain, visit your dentist to determine which treatment plan is best for you. If you suffer from a TMJ disorder, a mouth protector or bite plate may be required. Various forms of medications and muscle relaxants are also helpful. For a more natural treatment, consider exercises and meditative therapies. if your pain is caused by an underlying ailment, including damage to your tooth’s pulp, various treatments including root canal therapy may be required.

No matter which treatment for your jaw pain you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can provide. If you would like Dr. Robert Doyle and our team at Complete Dental Care to bring you in for an oral exam to determine which treatment is best for you, please contact our dentist office in Steubenville, Ohio, by calling us at 740-314-4941. We are here to help you get the perfect smile of your dreams!