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For many of us, the best part of many surgeries and treatments is when they’re completed! With tooth extraction, you’ll take some days recovering as the blood clot in your oral cavity seals. We’ll give you extra specific instructions on recovery following your procedure, but here are some things that you can expect us to tell you.

-You can probably expect mild discomfort following an extraction. Take the amount of painkillers that Dr. Robert Doyle recommends you take, and continue to do so for 72 hours. The uneasiness you experience will vary depending on how hard getting rid of your tooth or teeth was.

-Because the mouth is not dry, incisions in the mouth tend to take longer to heal than cuts on skin, which scabs more easily. Following your tooth extraction, we’ll have you chomp down on a piece of gauze for about thirty minutes. Pressure on the bone socket will help the blood clot, and you can expect to see a small quantity of bleeding for about a day or so. Don’t poke the clot or disturb it, but watch cautiously and let us know immediately if it reopens.

-Utilize ice packs on your cheeks. Ice pack utilization can be cycled in 20-minute increments. Once the swelling dwindles, use warm rags or heating packs.

-Ah, the best part: eat soft foods that don’t require much chewing. Anything rough may cut open the blood clot, so consider this a treat for improving your oral health.

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